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The Castle Combe Circuit

As one of the UK's best-loved circuits, Castle Combe offers spectacular racing, modern facilities and stunning scenery, with easy access to anyone in the South-West and beyond.

This 1.85 mile circuit was developed from the RAF base that was opened in 1941, but was decommissioned just 7 years later in 1948. 1950 saw the first race meeting held here with Stirling Moss taking a race win. It was 1952 that the first bike race meeting took place with John Surtees taking the 500 race, just three years before becoming World 500cc champion.

The circuit has remained with pretty much the same layout over the last 66 years, but for the introduction of a couple of chicanes. It has seen all the greats race here on four and two wheels from Moss to Senna, and Surtees to Sheene.

It is also the ONLY circuit in Europe that you can walk all the way round as a spectator and continue to watch the
racing on track.

Track Length

1.85 miles

Fastest Lap

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