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Cadwell Park, Lincolnshire


Cadwell Park

Circuit Details

Set in the Lincolnshire Wolds, this 'mini-Nurburgring' is one of's most picturesque and spectacular, but dangerous circuits. its climbs and decent's combine demanding twisty woodland sections with long fast curves on the downland summit. For the most part the circuit is narrow, demanding inch perfect lines which Cadwell's notorious bumps and jumps do their best to upset.
The Mountain is probably unique amongst the world's racetracks. So many bikes become airborne there that it seems almost unnecessary to surface the succeeding yards. Charlies is a fast, blind, double apex right-hander with mountainous bumps just where you need them least.
The Gooseneck, where the track makes a twisting descent from the plateau, is almost as spectacular but infinitely more tricky. Meanwhile Chris Curve, just before Gooseneck sees the Super bikes accelerating hard on full lean for what seems like forever.
Grip is generally good, although care should be exercised in damp conditions under trees in the Woodland section. For 1997, new tarmac was laid at the Club Circuit start/finish, and at portions of Charlies, Park, Mansfield and the Hairpin.
For 2000 the dangerous Barn corner was reprofiled, ostensibly to make it safer. The result was a faster corner with no run-off which lowered lap times but also increased the odds of serious injury in the event of an accident.
Gearing is straightforward on most bikes: gear for the top straight.
For the spectator there can be few more exhilarating prospects than a trip to
Cadwell on a sunny day - not least because many of the roads leading there offer their own excitement. The track itself offers superb viewing, usually at close quarters. Recent years have brought a small improvement in facilities, but a degree of self-sufficiency is still required. Thankfully scenic Cadwell is an ideal place for a picnic.
Motorcycle racing at Cadwell dates from 1934 with the opening of the short 0.7 mile circuit. This was extended to 1.3 miles in 1953. The long 'grand prix' circuit measures 2.17 miles in length and was opened in 1962.
Most riders consider the Mountain section of the circuit from Hall Bends through to Barn to be extremely dangerous.

Map and Directions


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Cadwell is situated on the A 153, between Louth and Horncastle. From the south, leave the A 1 at Grantham, picking up the A 153 all the way to the track. From the north follow the signs from the M180 to Humberside Airport. Follow the A 18 then the A 16 to Louth. The circuit is about 7 miles south on the A 153.

Lap Record Holders


Cadwell Park Lap Records
Class Name Machine Date Time Speed
250GP Andrew Sawford Yamaha TZ250 17-Apr-11 01:33.77 83.42
250NGC George Hogton-Rusling Gourlay Yamaha 350 11-Apr-15 01:39.54 78.48
250 Pre 92 Tom Snow Yamaha TZ 250 10-May-14 01:45.87 73.78
600cc Luke Stapleford Kawasaki ZX6R 28-Jul-12 01:33.02 83.98
Open Josh Wainwright Kawasaki ZX10R 27-Apr-13 01:31.13 85.72
Sound of Thunder Jody Lees Triumph 675 17-Apr-11 01:33.38 83.77
Powerbikes Josh Wainwright Kawasaki ZX10R 27-Apr-13 01:30.61 86.21
1300 S'stocks Peter Carr Suzuki GSXR 1000 24-Apr-10 01:36.27 81.14
700 S'Stocks Matthew Billington Triumph Daytona 675 17-Apr-11 01:37.22 80.46
PI Stocks 1300 Mike Hobbs Yamaha R1 11-Apr-15 01:39.82 78.26
PI Stocks 700 Phil Webber Honda CBR 600 Steelie 11-Apr-15 01:40.74 77.54
Open 500 George Hogton-Rusling Gourlay Yamaha 350 11-Apr-15 01:39.36 78.62
F400 Daniel Frear Kawasaki ZXR400 06-Jun-09 01:38.40 79.39
400 S'stocks Chris Beverley Honda CBR400 03-Jun-07 01:43.68 75.34
Formula 125cc Connor Behan Aprilia 06-May-06 01:47.06 72.96
125cc Kyle Ryde Honda RS 125 17-Apr-11 01:36.37 81.17
Mini Twins Adam Malloy Suzuki SV650 24-Apr-10 01:40.15 77.35
Super Twin Paul Williams Suzuki SV 650 12-Apr-15 01:48.56 71.96
GP45 Peter Carr Kawasaki KX 450 29-Jul-12 01:40.78 77.51
Open Newcomers James Kiff Suzuki GSXR 1000 07-Jun-09 01:38.24 79.51
Mini Twin Newcomers Dale Thomas Suzuki SV650 28-Jul-12 01:43.86 75.21
500 Newcomers Mark Reeves Honda RS 250 26-Apr-13 01:47.23 72.85
Classic Two Stoke GP 250s x x x x x
Sidcars Open Reeve/Cluze LCR Suzuki 1000 17-Apr-11 01:34.43 82.34
Sidecars F2 Reeves/Wilkes LCR Suzuki 600 12-Apr-15 01:40.47 77.75
Sidecars F350 Jones/Jones Shelbourne Yamaha 350 29-Jul-12 01:56.13 67.26
Sidecars Post Classic Wheatley/Wheatley Ireson Yamaha TZ 750 28-Jul-12 01:53.05 69.10
Solo Josh Wainwright Kawasaki ZX10R 27-Apr-13 01:30.61 86.21
Sidecar Reeve/Cluze LCR Suzuki 1000 17-Apr-11 01:34.43 82.34